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To equip the young ones with the qualities of a good citizen and those of an even better human being.

To make them morally strong and socially responsible so that they may become ideal working professionals in the years to come.

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Mr. Randhir Kumar

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Secretary Message

Welcome to St. Xavier's High School Mahua!

"Strive today and thrive tomorrow"

Keeping this maxim in mind the students of St. Xavier's High School are trained to handle curricular and co-curricular activities simultaneously. Special care is taken to instill self discipline in their respective minds. They are being schooled to become responsible leaders with a commitment to society under the canopy of our school motto, "Loyalty, Truth and Honour." The staff and the management of St. Xavier's High School endeavour, not only to enable students to compete with others for a place in professional outlets, but ...
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Our Vision

We believe that all youth should have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and with their personal and social needs. We believe that change is a consistent factor in life. Therefore , education should encourage in the studen...
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The course of studies is oriented towards the Central Board of Secondary Education Examination. The medium of instruction is English, the international language of today Hindi, however, has a vital role in the curriculum and is taught daily in our ...
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Education should foster independent thinking, expectation and experimentation as a life long process. Our best endeavor to develop in each student the following characteristics: 1. A mastery of the skills of communication and learning. 2.The ability to think clearly...
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To attain the high aim the school intends for all the students, full co-operation of the parents or guardians is imperative. The best school training is seriously crippled unless the home does its part. In order to secure all that is best in the education of the child...
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